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A set of Key Performance Indicators for sustainability of SMEs in agribusiness sector
Authors Gilda Massa, Nicola Gessa  Year 2018
Pubblication type Paper International Conference with referee
Abstract Sustainability is one of the fundamental requirements for the future society, be it understood in environmental, economic or social terms. Sustainability can and must also represent a competitive advantage in the market.
In this article, we present an activity, carried out within the Italian national M2Q project, for the identification of a series of indicators for Italian and international Small and Medium Enterprises, aimed at creating a sustainability report that makes companies more competitive towards both Italian and foreign markets, allowing them to display their products as linked to the image of a company that operates in an environmentally friendly manner.
Reference Gilda Massa, Nicola Gessa, "A set of Key Performance Indicators for sustainability of SMEs in agribusiness sector", WICaNeM 2018, 13th Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management July 2018 Ancona, Italy.
Repository reference DI720-057
Related Slides QE135-002
Research unit X-LAB
Keywords KPI, sustainability, SME, agribusiness
LastUpdate 11/07/2018
impact factor Falso

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