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Energy Saving and Efficiency Tool A sectorial decision support model for energy consumption reduction in manufacturing SMEs
Autori Samuele Branchetti, Gessica Ciaccio, Piero De Sabbata, Angelo Frascella, Giuseppe Nigliaccio and Marco Zambelli  Anno 2016
Tipologia Poster Conferenza Internazionale con referaggio
Abstract Energy Efficiency in industry is a hot topic but companies are not still implementing, on a mass scale, energy efficiency actions. One of the most important barriers is that companies are scarcely aware of their consumptions and consider energy as a fixed cost and not as a resource to be managed. The authors of this paper have faced this problem through three projects funded by European Commission (ARTISAN, SESEC and SET), defining a methodology based on a self-analysis of consumptions, collection of data for improving benchmarks and suggestion of customised Best Practices list.
Referenza_Bibliografica Branchetti, S., Ciaccio, G., De Sabbata, P., Frascella, A., Nigliaccio, G. and Zambelli, M.
Energy Saving and Efficiency Tool - A Sectorial Decision Support Model for Energy Consumption Reduction in Manufacturing SMEs.
In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems (SMARTGREENS 2016), pages 330-339
ISBN: 978-989-758-184-7
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Keywords Efficienza energetica, Misure di risparmio energetico, modelli intelligenti, set di regole, Benchmark, autodiagnosi,
economia sostenibile, consapevolezza usi energia
LastUpdate 21/04/2016
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