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ResearchUnit long name Laboratorio industriale tecnologie energetiche ENEA Emilia-Romagna
Department TERIN    ENEA
Laboratorio Home page CROSS-TEC laboratory (ICT and ENERGY)
Unit Responsible Giuseppe Nigliaccio
Related research topics
Code Topic Description
1.1 Renewable energy sources Renewable energy sources
1.1.1 Energy from organic mass Energy from organic mass
1.1.4 Energy plants design, management and test renevable sources Energy plants design, management and test
1.4 Energy uses in industry Energy uses in industry
1.5 Hydrogen Hydrogen as energy vector
1.8 Sustainable mobility
3.4 Smart city Smart city
3.4.1 Smart Home and Building One of the pathways explored is that relating to the non-industrial and / or commercial energy consumption profiles of end users over the period day/week/month/year.
Definition of urban energy districts made up of residential complexes (social housing +
3.4.2 Smart city and community Vivacity in changing economies: cities are engines of economic growth and of places where innovations emerge. Yet some cities have greater economic success than others. All over Europe we find cities with rapid economic growth and a strong decline, as wel
3.4.5 Smart city platform Accessibility and connectivity: the economic competitiveness of cities and the quality of citizens living in urban areas are directly influenced by the accessibility of urban services and services inside and outside cities, as well as by connectivity.

Address Via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4
ZIP 40128
Country Italia
Researchers, Contact persons
Outcomes and deliverables
title Paper abstract Keywords WEB Page
SET TOOL 4.0 for energy consumption reduction

Partnership in Projects
Acronym Abstract url_reference end_date
ECOSISTER 30/09/2025
SELF-USER 30/09/2022
GECO The Green Energy Community (GECO) is a demonstrati(...) 31/08/2022
ENERGYNIUS 22/02/2022
E-CO2 17/02/2022
+GAS The project proposes a system for energy storage t(...) 31/12/2018
REEF 2W The REEF2W project aims at implementing solutions (...) 31/05/2018
SET the project is a Promotion and Dissemination proje(...) 30/09/2016
SESEC Project for Sustainable Energy Saving for the Euro(...) 21/09/2014
ARTISAN The ARTISAN project envisions significant reductio(...) 30/04/2014

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Il Laboratorio ha realizzato progetti finanziati dai Fondi europei della Regione Emilia-Romagna e dal Fondo per lo sviluppo e la coesione
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