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EXPAND II - Widening participation of countries and stakeholders in JPI Urban Europe through capacity building in urban policy, funding and research
Abstract EXPAND II intends to support the implementation of the JPI Urban Europe Strategic Research and Innovation
Agenda 2.0 (SRIA 2.0) and advance the related R&I programme.
Large_Description Since transformations to sustainable and liveable urban futures depend on a broad commitment and co-creation among a diverse set of actors, the identified challenge to be tackled by EXPAND II is widening the community and building capacities in research, policy and society at large. In this sense, the project targets Widening Countries in particular with the aim to establish national dialogues and processes, mobilise national R&I communities dealing with sustainable urban development, intensify strategic relationships of urban stakeholders on transnational level and assess national programmes and instruments for transnational R&I cooperation.
The transition arena concept is used as the basic concept for widening participation and capacity building. As the center piece of the transition arena the concept of the JPI Urban Europe Stakeholder Involvement Platform (AGORA) will be applied and advanced.
Furthermore, the challenge is tackled by professionalising programme management in JPI Urban Europe in order to make research results more easily accessible for policy and decision makers, provide data and cases to easily follow the progress achieved in JPI Urban Europe and its projects and strengthen the programme as a hub for international cooperation.

location Europa
start_date 01/06/2019
end_date 30/11/2021
Development_Status In Progress
Funding European
S3 Area none  Traiectory  not specified
Platform none  Section not specified
Project_Type CSA
Research Unit Name Laboratory Role
X-LAB Unità Operativa X-LAB Home page CROSS-TEC laboratory (ICT and ENERGY) Scientific/Technical coordinator

Related research topics
Code Topic Description
3.4 Smart city Smart city

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