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2.3. APEA
Environmentally friendly productive areas
Related Projects
Acronym Project Abstract url_reference end_date
MEID The objective of MEID partners is to support sustainable development process and SMEs comp(...) 30/06/2013
SIAM 01/10/2007

Available related Outcomes and deliverables
Title Abstract Keywords Link
Linee Guida per aree produttive sostenibili dal progetto Life-SIAM
Analisi dei parchi eco-industriali europei' Documento scientifico ENEA, PROT-P135-090 Ambiente, LCA, sostenibilità
Database of best practices of services and infrastructures in industrial areas This database is a collection of best practices of services and infrastructures for Ecologically Equipped Productive Areas (APEA). Their aim is to support managing bodies in the environmental, social and economic improvement of the areas Eco-industrial parks, best practices, centralized services and infrastructures, industrial areas.

Research units working on the topic
Unit Research unit long name Laboratory In short URL
LEI LCA ed ecodesign per l’eco-innovazione Home page LEA laboratory (ENVIRONMENT)

Produced bibliography on the topic
Year Title Reference Publication type

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